This program is a 21 Day Online Guided Health Reset let by our in-house Health Coach, Carey White.
It includes reset guidelines, shopping lists, pantry clean out documents, healthy recipes ideas for all meals and is in a closed private facebook group for daily support and tips along the way.
This reset is designed to slowly remove inflammatory foods from your diet and then maintain for 21 days. October is a great month to do this as summer has ended, schedules become more regular and we can stay ahead of inevitable holiday season pitfalls. The 21 days is enough time to curb sugar cravings, learn how to stabilize your blood sugar and reset your gut for improved digestion. This reset involves removing inflammatory foods from your diet by replacing them with nourishing foods that help stabilize our system and combat low grade inflammation. While this may sound intimidating, you will have guidance and support and find fueling yourself with healthy options revitalizing. This reset is great to do at least once a year or biannually.
See how you can feel when your body is only taking in real whole foods and providing you with optimal nutrition. You can then start to add back in certain foods and may discover you have had some food sensitivities all along!
We all deal with inflammation in our bodies from our daily life and environmental stresses. Food can cause added inflammation but it is also the easiest thing to change and see a difference in how we feel. This 21 day reset is a gift to yourself and you will end up feeling great at the end!
Accept this challenge and your body will thank you!

2 Comments on “21 Day Real Food Reset

  1. Elaine Bickel

    I would like to enroll in this program, but I don’t see the cost listed anywhere.

    • Ashley

      It’s $80 for access to the private facebook group with guidance, downloadables, tips, accountability etc. from our health coach, Carey White.

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