Pilates is a perfect way to cross train and develop overall body strength and flexibility to improve whatever it is you love doing.

Do you want to run faster, jump higher, throw farther, or swing better?

You will strengthen your body, especially where you may have muscle imbalances from repetitive movements. You will engage your core muscles, develop precision in your movements and increase your efficiency. It is wonderful for injury prevention and of course can help rehab many sports related injuries after being cleared by your doctor and/or physical therapy team.

Many NFL Football teams and players have been incorporating Pilates into their training to aide in flexibility, balance, agility and strength. Our local Washington Redskins have incorporated Pilates into their training regimens! Learn more about why some NFL players do Pilates. NBA Stars are also catching on and adding in Pilates for full-body conditioning. Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler notes how he loves leaving his Pilates workouts drenched!

See if adding Pilates can help you do what you love, better.