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Meet Susan + her Strong Bones Method

SATURDAY SEPT. 14TH 1PM – 2:30PM Come here Susan give a presentation on her Strong BONES Method, services she offers and how she can help you achieve strong bones outside of our studio. She has incredible expertise in osteoporosis and is passionate about helping women (and men) affected with this silent disease have tools to build stronger bones. Q&A and meet time to follow. … Read More Meet Susan + her Strong Bones Method


Pilates + Prep

Sunday Sept. 15th at 4PM, $30 Kick start fall (and your week) off on the right foot! Workout AND nourish your body from the inside out so you can fight disease and stay healthy this season! Join us for a 30 minute Pilates mat class followed by a health talk while we all make salads for the week ahead. Start your week off feeling taller … Read More Pilates + Prep


Breathing + Posture Workshop

“Above all, learn how to breathe correctly” – J. Pilates We all know what bad posture is but good posture is hard to come by. It’s a goal of ours, but it’s hard to feel and execute day to day. We also all know breathing is important but most of us are shallow breathers and don’t actually know how to move our ribs! We’ll … Read More Breathing + Posture Workshop


Pilates with Foam Roller 8/11

We’re adding a pop-up class with Megan on this Sunday 8/11 at 9AM. It’s a mixed level mat class with the foam roller as a supportive and challenging prop! Foam rollers are included or feel free to bring your own to use! RSVP


Healthy Movement Patterns Workshop

Sunday June 23rd 1-3PM FMS is your baseline Functional Movement Screen. This is an objective tool that tool that measures seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life and determines if those movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional. Results guide highly specific exercises to work on your weaknesses. The result is a self-awareness to now reach greater fitness goals and lifelong movement … Read More Healthy Movement Patterns Workshop


Pilates + Prosecco

We host a fun pop-up Pilates & Prosecco Mat Class with time to enjoy a glass together. Come sweat and sip with us! It’s a no joke mat class designed to earn you your beverage! Beverage is included with participation, $40.