We’re thrilled to highlight our 2019 Monthly Workshop Series!

You asked, we listened. We hope to bring you relevant, requested and engaging workshops each month in addition to some fun pop-up events! All events can be booked through your Mindbody account.

 We host a fun pop-up Pilates & Prosecco Mat Class with time to enjoy a glass together. Come sweat and sip with us! It’s a no joke mat class designed to earn you your beverage! Beverage is included with participation, $40.

Healthy Movement Patterns
Kur Sohn, DPT

FMS is your baseline Functional Movement Screen. This is an objective tool that measures seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life and determines if those movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional. Results guide highly specific exercises to work on your weaknesses. The result is a self-awareness to now reach greater fitness goals and lifelong movement health and vitality. Kur is a board certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) Physical Therapist. He is a strong proponent of manual therapy techniques, trigger point dry needling, and functional movement retraining to help patients and athletes reach their full potential.

Kur Sohn, PT, DPT, OCS, FMSC
Owner of VeloFit PT

Breathing + Posture

We all know what bad posture is but good posture is hard to come by. It’s a goal of ours, but it’s hard to feel and execute day to day. We also all know breathing is important but most of us are shallow breathers and don’t actually know how to move our ribs! We’ll practice posture in all angles, learn about the Pilates breath and explore ways to connect to both. “Above all, learn how to breathe correctly” – J. Pilates