Our semi-private group classes are exclusive to our clients approved for group classes.

Equipment classes are capped at 3 or 4 clients and our classes require a minimum 4 week commitment to ensure group cohesion, progression and planning. We occasionally offer an Essentials class for brand new beginners, but the vast majority of our clients start with privates and are then approved for group classes as they progress.

Group classes allow for 1 possible make-up per payment series with advanced notice in another group class. It is the client’s responsibility to use their make-up within 1 month, space is not guaranteed.

Drop-ins are allowed for $40 for approved clients. We also offer some spontaneous or monthly pop-up Pilates classes. Check our Mindbody EVENTS tab and/or our in-studio offerings.


Group Class Descriptions

Essentials – Learn the fundamentals of classical Pilates safely in a small group setting. You will learn proper form, alignment and execution of exercises on the mat and reformer and be introduced to tower and chair work. You will be invited to join another class when your instructor feels you have safely progressed. This class is not offered all the time.

Level 1 You have mastered the basics and are ready to progress in a group class setting. You must be able to follow directions and keep pace in a group safely. As you learn more level 1 exercises, the pace will increase to accomplish more. You can expect to be on both reformer and mat for most classes. You may be invited to join Level 2 when your instructor feels you are ready.

Level 2   You have mastered Level 1 exercises and are familiar with the classical order and transitions. You are expected to know exercises in series such as the mat abdominal series and Short Box on the Reformer. Level 2 work adds more advanced exercises and works transitions as exercises – you will spend the majority of class on either reformer or mat.

Advanced Level Our most advanced classical Pilates class. Mastery of most level 2 work and transitions is required.

Chair Chair challenges you in different ways and is a piece of equipment specifically designed for strength. You will have a full class on the chair that will challenge your balance and coordination and give you a whole body workout. Excellent for athletes and cross training!

Pilates with Props Enjoy a mat class with prop challenges. We will use a variety of props including small weights, therabands, SPRI bands, magic circles and balls to enhance your matwork. Mat is the method – develop good form and strength and learn exercises you can do anywhere on your own! Class may accommodate more than 4 clients.

Pilates Circuit Amp up your training a notch. We will use Pilates stations on mat, reformer, chairs and props along with cardio burst challenges. Use of outdoor space when weather permits. Come ready to work! Level 1 skill set required. You must be familiar with Pilates exercises names/execution for some level of independent training.

Back Care A classical Pilates class with a little more extra back TLC. More modifications will be provided for back issues and you will learn how to safely work out at home and elsewhere to protect your spine! Taught by Owner, Ashley, a spine specialized Physician Assistant.