Our semi-private group classes are exclusive to our clients approved for group classes and are 3-4 clients. Drop-ins are allowed for $45 for approved clients. We also offer pop-up classes. Check our Mindbody EVENTS tab and/or our in-studio offerings.

Basic Pilates Group Class Descriptions

Level 1 You have mastered the basics and are ready to progress in a group class setting. You must be able to follow directions and keep pace in a group safely. As you learn more level 1 exercises, the pace will increase to accomplish more. You can expect to be on both reformer and mat for most classes.

Level 1+ – This level requires you to be very comfortable with Level 1 work as you add Level 2 work. You are expected to know exercises in series such as the mat abdominal series and Short Box on the Reformer.

Level 2   You have mastered Level 1 exercises and are familiar with the classical order and transitions. You are expected to know Level 1 exercises by name with proper set-up.  Full Level 2 work requires advanced exercises, stamina to work at a quicker pace, mind-body concentration to focus and anticipate next exercises in the classical order. You will spend the majority of class on either reformer or mat.

Level 2+ “Advanced” Level Mastery of level 2 work and transitions is required. Instructor approval is required to join.

Equipment classes are capped at 3-4 clients and our classes require a minimum 1 month commitment to ensure group cohesion, progression and planning. Our clients start with privates and are then approved for group classes as they progress. You are in charge of making adjustments to your schedule online or using the app within the month – classes do not roll over into the following month.