Pilates isn’t just for women. It was created and pioneered by a man, Joseph Pilates. And he was buff, really buff.


Lift More

Pilates hones in on cultivating and sculpting a strong core. Turns out when your core is stable, you can do more, including lifting more weights.

Injury Prevention

When you train your body to work in unison and correctly, you injury yourself less often. Many athletes use Pilates preventatively and it’s a perfect cross-training form.

Weight Free

It’s harder than you think. Give it a try and see if your muscles don’t thank you from training ‘weight’ free. Your own body weight and the additional resistance of springs is plenty to challenge all your muscles, especially those oft-neglected stability muscles.


Pilates has built-in stretches. Muscle flexibility is key to max performance and injury prevention. No more static stretching without results, flexibility is gained through functional movement. Pilates will lengthen your legs, back and hips without sacrificing strength.

Balance & Agility

Pilates is founded on stamina and stability. Your balance is tested in various exercises and you are always challenging yourself in your practice.


You may stand just a little bit taller after your Pilates training. Pilates teaches you to work in a neutral and safe spine. Joseph believed you were only as young as your spine was flexible. Learning to strengthen, protect and articulate your entire spine will help your overall posture. Say good-bye to slouching so much.

Stress Buster

Pilates slows you down. This not only allows you to deeply focus on the task at hand but should give you a moment to center yourself. You get an intense, full-body workout and walk away a little more confident to tackle the rest of your day. Win-Win.

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