Our Groups at GFP!

Small groups are just that – small! We don’t ever sacrifice proper form, corrective cues and safety in a small group setting which is why we limit classes to three to four clients. Small groups offer a different dynamic than privates and the camaraderie in a group class is always fun! But don’t be fooled, you come to work out! Many of our groups stay together for a year plus and progress together. It’s very rewarding as a teacher to see a group flourish in time.

Especially in a group class setting, you need to honor your body and your specific needs. Pilates is not a “no pain, no gain” movement system and it’s not a competition. Even in a small group of three, you need to own the work and any modifications you may need.

We label our classes in levels by numbers: 1, 1+, 2, 2+. These are meant to be labelled as a guide to the class for the teacher’s lesson planning. Please don’t get caught up in a number. Pilates looks different on everybody. Clients may stay at the same number level for a year, or for life even, but that does not mean they are not progressing and getting stronger. There are many elements that go into advancing certain exercises and sometimes those are just not accessible to everyone.

Class Policy: For our semi-private small groups, you must be approved to join. You will be enrolled for your class for the month and payment will be collected in full at the start of the month (4 vs. 5 weeks). YOU will be responsible for cancelling your class and signing up for another class in the mobile app or online if you need to adjust your schedule. This is dependent on space in other classes – please waitlist for a group class if it is full. Classes will not roll over into the next month. You still need advanced 24 notice to cancel a class and be eligible to use it in another class.

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