Pilates is a wonderful way to stay in shape for mommies-to-be.  Workouts focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, stabilizing the hip, maintaining flexibility and letting you simply move. It continues to strengthen your legs that are needed to push during delivery and will sculpt your arms in preparation of carrying your little one. Modifications are made weekly around your constantly changing body. Gentle movements can still create a challenging workout and allow you to stay flexible. Prenatal pilates is safe for both baby and mom and will help get your post-baby body back into shape.


Ready to get rid of your extra baby weight? Afraid you’ll never be able to feel your abs again? Give pilates a try!

Pilates done postpartum can help women reconnect with their bodies – an often daunting and discouraging task. Over time, it will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and let you connect to your core, or powerhouse. Your life has completely changed – Pilates not only helps with injury prevention but strengthens your arms and shoulders to carry your baby with more ease. Natural delivery or c-sections can each cause their own unique challenges and your sessions will be tailored to you. Pilates post-baby can also be very emotionally therapeutic as you take time out of your busy day to nurture yourself.

**You need to be cleared for general exercise by your OB-GYN to participate.**