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Semi-private group classes

Our Groups at GFP! Small groups are just that – small! We don’t ever sacrifice proper form, corrective cues and safety in a small group setting which is why we limit classes to three to four clients. Small groups offer a different dynamic than privates and the camaraderie in a group class is always fun! But don’t be fooled, you come to work out! … Read More Semi-private group classes


Whole Body Stretch

Join us! We offer a once a month Tuesday night Whole Body Stretch class at 6:30PM. It’s 45 minutes and only $20 for a rejuvenating head to toe stretch session. This isn’t yoga! Nothing is held too long and it makes you leave wanting just a bit more! It is taught by local fitness teacher, Jenn Mastran, of Great Falls Cycle Studio. She uses … Read More Whole Body Stretch


Six Pilates Principles

Pilates was originally called “Contrology.” Joseph felt that it was a system of exercises and the ultimate study of control. Control of your mind, your body, your intentions and your results. Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow The six pilates principles are found in every form of equipment, from reformer and tower work, to chair and matwork. You may focus on a single … Read More Six Pilates Principles