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We’re your local Pilates studio. You won’t find a big box gym, crowded classes, or memberships here. Simply high-quality expertise training to give you the results you want. Founded in 2016 by Great Falls native, Ashley Gilchrist is proud and honored to be in her hometown community.

Our calm and non-judgmental studio setting invites you to find your fitness groove wherever you’re at in life. Many of our clients are brand new to Pilates, some might be overcoming an injury or are motivated to prevent one, others just want to get in shape and feel good. Pilates challenges weekend warriors and elite athletes alike. You’re never too old to start.

We offer Pilates privates, duets and semi-private small groups. We host monthly wellness workshops and pop-up classes and are proud to be a sponsor for Celebrate Great Falls.

Our skilled team of comprehensively trained instructors will help create an individualized program for you. Getting started is the hardest part – you’ll quickly fall in love! Pilates lets you do you, just better.

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What Is Pilates?

Concentration, control, centering, fluidity, precision, and breathing.

Pilates is a low-impact, dynamic, whole body workout that focuses on these above six guiding principles. Pilates includes a wonderful mind – body awareness and is a centering practice that incorporates purposeful breath.

Pilates will strengthen your core and give you freedom of movement in your neck, shoulder and hips. You will gain flexibility and lean muscles and improve your balance. It will become your favorite hour of the week and we promise you won’t be bored!

Pilates is done on a mat and on specialized machines that use springs for weight resistance and assistance training. We are a fully equipped Pilates studio and specialize in modifications for spine conditions including osteopenia and osteoporosis as well as pregnancy and postpartum fitness.

What Can Pilates Do For Me?

Improve your posture • Build core strength • Build muscles without bulk • Increase flexibility • Improve balance and coordination • Develop neglected muscles • Re-train faulty movement patterns • Improve range of motion • Develop a sense of body awareness • Help prevent injury • Improve back pain • Stand taller with confidence • Provide stress relief • Improve overall physical fitness • Develop a centered self • Create a mind-body connection

Personalized Spine Care

Your pain can improve. You can live better.

Do you suffer from neck or back pain? Ashley is a spine specialized Physician Assistant and counseled patients daily about their back conditions. If there was one activity she prescribed, it was DO PILATES! Each instructor has received additional medical mentoring from Ashley specific to spine care.

Pilates is a fabulous whole body fitness that is low-stress for your spinal discs and trains you to move properly. You focus on engaging your “powerhouse” or core muscles – not the sexy 6 pack abs that crunches produce – but the deep, structurally protective abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. And guess what? When your true core is engaged, you offload stress on your spinal discs and help your back! This is protective and can also rehab and minimize pain.

We not only specialize in spine condition, but also have a Healthy Bones Program for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Modified Pilates (flexion-free!) is a wonderful way to safely improve your bone strength with appropriate weight bearing training. Don’t risk a spinal fracture – strengthen smart with us!


I LOVE this place!! I was new to Pilates and instantly became obsessed! I have never enjoyed working out but I really look forward to my classes here. I have noticed such a difference in my body, strength and energy levels after only three months! Ashley created a welcoming and intimate space that gives so much personal attention. Natalie has been my instructor for … Read More Savannah S.

Savannah S.

I have been training here on and off for well over a year (based on my tennis schedule). I absolutely love it. They pay attention to details that matter. The transformation that my body has undergone is amazing. I owe it all to GF Pilates.

Joanne G.

I’ve worked with all the instructors – while you experience different styles of teaching, they all have an excellent knowledge base to keep your neck and back safe while you strengthening your core. Love this studio. 

Lindsay G.

I’m a newbie to Pilates but I love this place. GFP is super zen and feels homey with great instructors. I felt they had good patience with me as a newcomer and I already feel great after each visit! I’m hooked.

Lisa K.